Extended Sessions – Only for the Brave

Usually when we get emails from a brand new slave looking to book an extended¬†engagement…we can assume they are full of shit. It’s a lot of commitment. Financially, it’s expensive. Emotionally, it’s taxing. You can’t fake submission for 12 hours.

If you are not fully committed and dedicated it will be completely obvious by hour 3. When the body starts to ache, and some part of you wants the release of an ending…but you aren’t even halfway through the gauntlet.

It’s a genuine emotional rollercoaster that can push the undisciplined mind over the brink.

We love to be pleasantly surprised, like we were with slave t, he had the endurance to go the distance. Too bad he’s off for a week of family time.

We’ll be keeping his cage and training clicker close at hand for his return. The last stint of chastity was only 35 days, next time perhaps he’ll try to impress us.

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