The Femdolls

The Femdolls

Twincest Domination

Meet the Dolls

Cherry Torn and Sophie Monroe, two glamazon dominatrix dolls, each with many years in the BDSM lifestyle, eager to share all of the knowledge carefully gathered via personal experiences on both sides of the whip.

Cherry Torn, a small town Southerner, turned city girl. I grew up a tomboy, with my fingers in fish guts and dirt, never learning the meaning of the word “squeamish”. Born with a desperate drive to explore BDSM, I have spent the last decade conquering every genre of porn across Europe and the States. As a career sub in my teens and early twenties, I poked my fingers into every kinky pie, learning from the world’s most talented tops. I have finally emerged as a finely tuned and polished S&M machine, turning the tables and loving every minute of it.

Sophie Monroe, a California girl with a big attitude since birth. Born to a family who pissescreative excellence with ease, she knows exactly how to use all of your senses to create mind-blowing fantasies. Bossy and opinionated with razor sharp wit and technical skills She will make sure every detail is designed exactly as it should be . You may recognize her as the former Governess on’s website The Upper Floor, dedicated to high protocol slave training. But don’t think she hasn’t felt every sensation she demands of you, Sophie is a former teenage rebel turned world class masochist, whose tolerance would make any pain piggy’s toes curl.

Our relationship as lovers, partners and best friends began here in the San Francisco BDSM community in 2007. Through private play and our professional endeavors We have slowly learned every inch of each other’s bodies and minds. Our individual specialties come together flawlessly,  making  one of the world’s perviest power duos, functioning as one mind-blowing whole you will not soon forget.

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