Femdom Phone Sex

Are you a beta loser slave desperate for one on one attention from a Dominant woman? Talk to any of our Femdom porn goddesses via phone, Skype & email on Niteflirt! These sadistic bitches have trained with the BDSM porn elite. They will delight in your suffering and orchestrate your ultimate humiliation.

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Cherry Torn

36600_000ErosSin_CherryTorn005I’m a sassy, sensual Power Slut. I love using My over powering sexuality against weak, horny men. I fuck harder, longer, better and filthier than any mere man ever could. It’s too bad I would never consider fucking a beta loser like you.

Impress me and I may deign to take interest in your worthless cock OR Test my patience and you will find a cruel humiliatrix who takes sadistic pleasure in your suffering.

If you’re really feeling brave, book a Femdom Skype show with me. I love to tease you with my juicy curves until you beg for release.

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Mz. Berlin

mzgreendressHello. I’m Mz Berlin and yes, I’m THAT Mz Berlin.

I’m a bossy bitchy woman that uses her beautiful face, stunning curves and intelligence to get exactly what I want.

Training beta males is one of my favorite things.  BDSM and fetish has been a passion of mine for over a decade.  Devoted slaves make me one happy dominatrix!

Men fall all over themselves trying to submit to me and make me happy.

And I love every second of it.

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Surprise, surprise! We have yet another horny, wanking pervert over here. Are you searching the internet for sexy woman to verbally abuse and humiliate you? I bet your tiny, worthless cock gets hard when the unattainable ladies you lust after treat you like shit.

I’m sure you’ve known since puberty you aren’t quite like all the normal guys. Even if a perfect 10 was sweet as pie to you it wouldn’t hit the spot. You KNOW you’re a pathetic little loser and only the cruelest humiliatrix knows what to do.

Why would we want to be mean to a bitch boy like you? Because you deserve it. Because you were born to take it. Your useless dick won’t be satisfied until its ridiculed and embarrassed. Until a skilled cuckoldress teaches you the beauty of denial by locking your cock up in chastity.

Even when We’re away from the phone you will jerk and drool over Our video clips, photos and audio files. Accept your life as Our obedient cocksucking faggot. Be grateful as We drain your wallet dry.

Oink oink, piggy!

San Francisco's perviest dominatrix duo